Our Philosophy

Change implies a journey. Starting at point A, and aiming for a desired point B. Planning your route carefully and following a good map are key to arriving hiccup free at your destination.

When planning this journey, one of many pitfalls that businesses fall into is the assumption that taking the motorway (i.e. bringing in a large consultancy) is the quickest and most cost effective route. With a track record of successfully delivering change management programmes for businesses across a variety of sectors and geographies, Zebrazoo Consulting recognises that all businesses are unique; and that while the motorway may in some instances indeed be quickest, often a journey using alternate roads (i.e. a smaller consultancy or specialist contractors) may be better suited to a business and its culture.

While the standard benchmarks for delivering successful change Projects or Programmes are usually those of ‘delivered on time and within budget’, we believe that these should be regarded as hygiene criteria. The real benchmarks should be a) were the anticipated business benefits actually achieved, and b) did the change project or programme (even in difficult situations like downsizing) leave a positive footprint in the business. While the success of achieving a) and b) will often depend on the prevailing business culture, change is seldom successful unless firstly employees are taken along on the journey and encouraged to participate in the change process and secondly they are engaged with honestly and treated as adults (i.e. they are capable of receiving and processing difficult news).

Zebrazoo Consulting believes that adopting a pragmatic and inclusive approach to change ultimately increases overall buy-in, and this improves the likelihood of arriving cost-effectively at your planned destination. Often businesses fail to anticipate the full cost of change to their business by ignoring the opportunities foregone, and the additional costs that arise if staff are not proactively included in the change process.

Our philosophy is: simple, process, pragmatic, inclusive, good communication. It is also highly successful, as our track record demonstrates.