Why Us?

Zebrazoo Consulting has a proven track record of delivering change initiatives for clients in a number of sectors and across a number of geographies.

So why should you use us?

We pride ourselves on our pragmatic approach to delivering change. One size does not fit all – your business is unique. We are committed to delivering the correct solution for your business, not a solution that has been delivered for previous clients. We do not believe in delivery through bureaucracy but delivery through following clear process, applying transparency and practicing inclusivity through open communication. We always aim to combine best practice with an understanding of your business and culture to deliver the best practical solution – not an off the shelf solution.

We understand that cost is important to your business. We will therefore never propose a solution that requires a gravy train of consultants, but we will advise you of a cost-effective solution should your project require a skill set that is not available within your business.

We believe in straight talking and not in endless jargon. We will never tell you that your change initiative cannot be delivered unless you implement PRINCE 2 or that you have to apply Six Sigma to align your processes (unless, as a client, this is what you require or we believe it is the best solution for your business) when for many businesses and projects a common sense and pragmatic approach coupled with a clear methodology will win the day. What is important is that the project or programme is delivered effectively and professionally, whilst being a positive experience for all involved in its delivery – it is not about delivery through bureaucracy. We will however always ensure that best practice tailored to your specific business is delivered.

What we guarantee is a cost effective solution to implementing your change initiatives without ever having to compromise on quality. By using an associate business model we are able to keep our overheads low and pass these savings on to our clients via lower charge out rates.