Project v Programme Management

What Is The Difference Between Project Versus Programme Management?

While many people use these terms (erroneously) interchangeably there is a clear distinction between the two.

Project Management

Projects are specific pieces of work:

  • that are finite in nature,
  • that have a specific scope,
  • that have a clear budget and timeline,
  • where the focus of delivery is very much task orientated.

Project Management is the management of such finite pieces of work.

Programme Management

A Programme usually comprises a set of projects. Programme Management involves the coordination of all the relevant projects to ensure that a set of strategic benefits are met. This usually involves:

  • distilling strategic requirements into a high level roadmap,
  • maintaining the high-level road map that connects the various projects on a clear path to benefit delivery,
  • managing the project managers,
  • liaising with and balancing the interests of all internal and external stakeholders.

Programme Management is soft skills focused rather than task focused.

Project Vs Programme Management